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Help us grow e-learning in Africa and receive airtime rewards through your phone.

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Meet our ambassadors


“I gained so many important skills through the various courses offered on the platform and I am able to inspire many of my friends to join, take the courses, and complete in their own time”


“Being an ambassador for an educational organization that operates online has not been rosy because I live in a community where online education is deemed unnecessary. It is nice to represent an organization that believes in free learning for all”


“The platform is easy to access, the tasks given are easy, and you get an Accredited certificate upon completion. The ambassador program has opened my eyes to lots of opportunities and brings great rewards”

Who is an E-learning ambassador?

An e-learning ambassador is a person who represents an organization in a positive light and helps create awareness by enthusiastically sharing their knowledge and experience about the organization in a peer role.

What will I be doing?

As an e-learning ambassador, you will be taking online courses. You will work with other like-minded, socially active, and dynamic young creatives to create advocacy for a reputable E-learning platform through social media and other platforms.

Ambassadors will take an active role in the community by empowering their peers and other young people to gain valuable skills or find new career opportunities in domains like Artificial Intelligence, Design Thinking, Entrepreneurship, Management, and Agri-business by signing up on the E-learning platform.

How much are the rewards?

As an ambassador you will receive 50ksh worth of airtime upon sign up and enrollment for a course. For each new member you sensitize you get another 50ksh per person.

How do I get started?

After your application to the ambassador program has been approved, you need to Sign up for the e-learning platform and enroll in one Free course. Share a screenshot of your progress via a special link and receive your reward. For each new member you sensitize ensure they are Signed up and ready to enroll for any of the available courses. Share a screenshot of their progress to earn your reward.

How will you send me the rewards?

The airtime rewards will be sent directly to your airtime phone number upon confirmation.

Who is organising this?

The Ambassador program is organized by Flashout, details about the e-learning platform will be disclosed to the successful Applicants.

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